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Turmeric, Milk Thistle, and Other Ancient Cures

Posted by Simran Bal on

We all wish to stay healthy so that we can avoid going to a doctor and taking medicines with subtle to severe side effects. But to stay healthy, we need to take very good care of ourselves and take certain medications that keep our immunity high and also keep our bones, joints muscles and internal organs healthy and well functioning.

While there are many over the counter medicine available in stores, we must take a good look in our home, our kitchen and around and understand the power of natural remedies. Let’s take a look at some ancient cures that have been aiding us in keeping good health since times unknown. And these are not just fables, we are talking about real herbs easily available; plants with medicinal properties.

So, without further delay, it’s time to see what various plants, spices and herbs easily available in the house help us in staying fit and fine. Read along…


Aloe is readily available in many houses. You just need to grow this plant in the cornet of your house. This low maintenance plant is great for skin, especially for treating thermal burns, sunburns and post shave irritation.

On the other hand, in its edible form, normally takes as juice, Aloe Vera helps in healing ulcers and other intestinal irritations. The taste won’t be pleasant, but all you need is one teaspoon after meals. If consumed in high quantities, aloe vera juice is also an efficient laxative.

2.Black Cohosh:

Commonly known as Squawroot, black cohosh is a root extract immensely useful in alleviating menstrual cramps. The black cohosh tea contains sedative and anti-inflammatory properties.

However, it is not recommended for pregnant women and is toxic if consumed in large doses.

3.Blackberry Root:

One of the most common and equally effective herbal remedy for treating diarrhea is blackberry root. You can easily find the tincture in any health food store.


Cayenne was introduces to the world by Christopher Columbus. Since then, it has achieved the coveted spot of a culinary and medicinal staple in households. Cayenne is really effective in toothache, and works wonders as a digestive aid. The prominent ingredient of cayenne is capsaicin, which is especially useful for reliving arthritis pain when used externally.


Suffering from indigestion? Heartburn not allowing you to live your daily routine properly? Trouble sleeping? Tall these issues can be easily fixed with a single cup of chamomile tea. Keep chamomile tea in your kitchen and say goodbye to heartburn, indigestion and sleepless nights.


The key ingredient of turmeric is curcumin, which possesses amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is useful in preventing prostate cancer, alleviating arthritis pain, lowering cholesterol levels, improving digestion, weight management, healing injuries and preventing Alzheimer’s.

With the so many uses of just one spice which is easily available in our domestic kitchens, you just can’t do without including it in your daily diet.


Milk thistle contains two of the most powerful antioxidants, silymarin and silybin in abundance. These antioxidants are identified to be an effective shield against toxins that can damage liver. Milk thistle is often recommended to patients suffering from liver damages incurred due to alcohol consumption.