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Joint Care Tips and Supplements

Posted by Simrah Bal on

A joint is the point where two or more bones are connected. Your body bends, rotates and twists around certain points, such as shoulders, fingers, back, knees, hips, ankles and other such places because of these joints.

Joints are cushioned through cartilage and synovium (smooth tissues) to make sure the bones do not rub together and synovial fluid to keep the whole area lubricated. However, with age, injuries, improper movement and postures, carrying too much weight and other such factors can easily compromise your joints by causing your cartilages to wear and tear. In the end, the joints take a toll and may also lead to arthritis.

So here we are, discussing some amazing joint care tips to make sure they stay strong, healthy and proper functioning for a long time. Read along…

1.Keep You Weight in Check

This is by far the best thing you can do for your joints, especially those joints that have to bear your body weight. Knees, hips, and back, ankles, these are the joints that have to bear the maximum percentage of your body weight. This is the reason why being overweight gives your excruciating pain in and around these areas of the body.

As per your age and height, you need to keep your weight in a particular range. The proportion between the height and weight is known as body mass index (BMI). Check you BMI today to know how much weight you need to lose.

2.A Little Exercise Goes a Long Way

Exercise does more wonders to your body than you can possibly imagine. Not only do you lose the extra pounds and reduce your weight to an optimum range, aerobic exercises can also help you getting your heart rate up. Your joints will thank you for doing so.

And just in case your joints do not allow you to do rigorous workout, you can, and you should, talk to your personal trainer about exercises that can help you keep your weight in check without putting a toll on your knees. The best option is to go for the best full body exercise in the word: swimming.

And by no means should you become a couch potato, or the office guy/girl who never leaves his/her seat in office. Prolonged sitting and improper posture invite many joint related issues. Change position on your seat regularly, get up and move around every 25 minutes or so, and after every hour, stretch.

3.Muscles Not Only Make You Look Sexy

Strong muscles also give ample support to your joints. If you don’t; have strong muscles, your joints need to do more work to support your bodyweight and absorb all the jerks and shocks your body is subjected to while walking and running.

4.Strengthen Your Core

Abdominal muscles look amazing when you can flaunt them, but they do a lot more than just making you look hot. The main purpose of abdominal muscles (abs, as we like to call them) is to keep your body straight. They counter the pressure spine puts on your body. If you core is weak, the spine pulls the body behind and results in higher chances of improper posture.

And Now, the Supplements:

Omega 3 fatty acids (Fish Oil), Curcuma (available readily in turmeric), Longano extract (easily available as acream) and Capsaicin (capsicum) are trustworthy supplements to sustain good joint health.

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