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Natural Weight Management Tips

Posted by Simran Bal on

Remember when you started working out and loved to wrap a tape measure around your body to see how much you’ve progressed? And you used to measure your body every other day, what happened to those days? Where’s the tape measure that used to be your favorite critic, the one that always told you the truth?

Weight management is not an overnight or fortnight task, do it now and BAM! You’re slim. No, it’s an ongoing process that demands commitment, dedication, discipline and above all, time.

And that’s right where a majority of people lose it. Time, and then there’s what we call today’s “socially active” lifestyle. We dedicate so much time to our peers, our friends and our social circle; we hardly get time to take care of ourselves.

Take out your tape measure and wrap it around your waist, around your bellybutton to be precise. If it measures more than 35 inches (ladies) and 40 inches (men), your risk of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases just got a lot more serious.

Yes you can call yourself “pleasantly plump” or “there’s more of me to love” and other such oh so cute excuses, but the truth is that after a certain point, there’s not just more of you to love, there’s also more of you to get sick. And after pleasantly plump, you are at higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, and that is not pleasant from any perspective. No matter how much you try to sugar coat it.

And given the plethora of over the counter medicines that claim to help you with managing your weight, you are either simple buying placebos, or medicines with serious side effects.

And this is right where we come in, with our natural weight management tips. Give them a read.

*Caution: you will have to get out of your comfort zone.

1. Do Not Skip Breakfast

What happens if you wake up in the morning, get ready, and leave for office? You haven’t eaten anything in last 8 hours or so. And now you just got up and kept your body unnourished? This is how metabolism drops, and this is also where diabetes looks for gates to enter.

2. Stop Eating Before You Feel Full

The brain needs almost 20 minutes to register the fact that the stomach is full. That’s why in any eating competition; it is advised to eat quickly so that you can eat a lot before your brain’s realization goes from “oooohhh, yummy” to “to much, this fool ate too much”.

3. Switch to Vegetables Instead of Fruits

Fruits pack additional sugars apart from fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. A good idea would be to switch to vegetable sources of the same vitamins. Vegetables have lower sugar content than fruits. But that doesn’t mean you need to quit fruits altogether. Moderation is the key.

4. Manage Your Stress and Sleep

We are going to talk about it because stress affects your sleep, you metabolism, your hormones, and does more damage to you than termites do to wood.

Stress makes you want to eat more, and if you are not able to sleep well, you’ll be stressed out even more, it’s like burning a candle from both sides, and that’s not good.

5. Eat more fiber

More and more research is supporting the idea that those whom partake in high fiber diets have healthier body weight than those who do not. High Fiber diets also add other benefits like keeping your heart healthy, lowering bad cholesterol, and stabilizing blood sugar.