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LVIVA™ is an online e-commerce website for products manufactured for Paradigm Pharmaceuticals Inc., USA, which operates in Asia through its regional office in Bangkok, Thailand, and is affiliated with Berlin Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd., a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in Thailand.


Members of our management, from Sales and Marketing to Manufacturing and Quality Control, have extensive experience in their respective fields, most of them with tenures in multinational companies. Adherence to high ethical standards in business is a strict condition of their employment. The management is led by Amal Naj, CEO, a former Senior Vice president at Pfizer Inc., New York, and prior to that, a career journalist on the staff of the Wall Street Journal.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We shall offer products whose efficacy and safety are supported by scientific and/or clinical evidence.
  • We shall be forthright in telling customers if the available scientific data is inconclusive as to the efficacy of the product.
  • We shall only offer products which have been approved by the regulatory authority (FDA) of at least one country in our global operations.
  • We shall stand behind our product quality and safety.